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10th March 2020


Dear peace-making friend

Thank you for attending the recent peacemaking training session. Our intention is to have all the information and resource documents available on our website. On this page you will find links to all the other pages that have to do with our peacemaking process. It is intended that some of these are publicly available and some are only available to our Peace Tenders in the first instance. 

Please will you review the web-pages, especially the one with your photograph (if you have said you want one included) and your contact details. It will be publicly available to all when the process goes 'live'. 

If you have any proposed changes to any of the documents/information please let us know by e-mail:

Thank you for your ongoing involvement in this process. 


with love and best wishes


the peacemaking team 

Peace-making temporary web menu page

Webpages that will be publicly available:


Peace Tenders

Webpages that will only be available to peace tenders in the first instance

What to do if approached for peacemaking

Notes for participants

Suggested meeting structure

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