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Community Mediation

If something is not right for you at barefoot dance then please consider contacting one of our Community Mediators. We wish to provide a safe place where people can be just as they are. People dance/move on their own or with each other.​
There may be physical contact between dancers at times. It is always intended that this is with the consent of all the people involved.​
Everyone has the right to decline/invite touch at any point. ​
If you wonder if you might have crossed a personal boundary of another dancer, we suggest you check it out with the person concerned as soon as possible. We assume most boundaries are crossed unintentionally. 
If you feel a personal boundary of your own has been crossed, we think it is important, for all parties, that this is communicated to the person/people concerned as soon as possible. Communication could be with words or dance/movement or both. We hope that this direct approach will resolve the specific issue satisfactorily. ​
If it does not feel possible to communicate directly with the person/people, for any reason, or that communication has been attempted and failed then we have a process of mediation.
Our mediation process
If you have tried to resolve any difference you have experienced with another person or people, as outlined above, and this has failed then you can make a direct approach to one of our Community Mediators. These are members of our group who have undertaken some training in the process of mediation and you will need to discuss the matter with them. Our process requires that anything you share will be confidential to the two of you and one other member of the peace tender team - who that person is will be with your agreement.
The Community Mediator will seek to understand what the issues are and then explain what your options might be for resolving these.
To contact one of our Community Mediators:
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