Moving classes, outdoors, with Sue-Claire

Moving with the Ebb and Flow

Rodney Point


Monday mornings

9.30am -10.45am

An opportunity to move outside in a held, supportive small group and explore your movement journey with self, others and the environment. Working with the ebb and flow of the tide, the breath and the emotions held in the body. 


Contact Sue-Claire for more information and to book a place.

Tel 07913891804

Payment of £7 or

donation if on low income

Finding Your Ground

Phear Park Exmouth


2.00pm - 3.30pm

Moving outside in nature as we transition into the Autumn and beyond, finding our roots and our anchors, to hold us in these uncertain times. We will be a small contained circle, deepening our movement experience and being witnessed by each other and the ancient trees.

A chance to anchor yourself during this transition into the darker months and find a way to move with the inner and outer landscape, alone and with others in a contained held way.

To book a place and for more details please contact Sue-Claire Tel: 07913891804

Payment of £7 or

donation if on low income

Friday's group will be in Phear Park, Exmouth to allow easy access and walking distance from the train station

for those coming further afield.

We will meet by café called Bumble and Tee in Phear Park.

There is some parking by the café 

Sue-Claire is a Creative Arts Facilitator and Dance Movement Psychotherapist.

In both groups she will guide and encourage you to move with the elements within yourself and in the landscape to allow your physical expression to emerge each week.

With covid19 and all the restrictions we will need to adhere to social distancing rules and limit the numbers, so I am taking bookings.

Directions to the venues will be given once a place is secured plus practicalities and cost (please don't worry if you cannot afford much at the moment, there will be a sliding scale to give an equal opportunity)