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Roosland - current projects and skills exchange

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2024 Project maintenance and growth plans.


  • Create a more useable footpath to get to the woods and quarry bowl. Maintain existing paths.

  • Put up more bird boxes to encourage variety.

  • Replace trees that have fallen.

  • Plant a variety of fruit Trees in the autumn to increase wildlife diversity.

  • Improve and expand vegetable plot so the pickings from this can be shared with others.

  • Repair and clad existing cabin, extending the roof for solar panels, shelter and an outside kitchen. Clearing and improving the interior space to gather in the warm.

  • Create more log storage and fill with felled ash

  • Install another lockable shed or container for tools

  • Have a barefoot creative weekend in September

  • Bring in groups or individuals to use the amazing space.

  • Doing the Admin and promotion thing well enough! and asking for help with this.


I hope for us all to enjoy the unfolding of this plan in the coming year.


If you would like to get involved, please do contact me:


Roo Carter on 07960125901


Skills Wanted - any to support the above plan


Materials and Tools Needed - to follow

“What a lovely day. We used harvested wood to build some nest-boxes and it was fun to do it together and learn some new skills”. 

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