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Agenda for meeting 9th July 2024 at Exeter Community Centre, 

The Magdalen Room, 7pm start.


  1. Welcome and Introductions

  2. A short arrival embodied meditation

  3. Quick check in

  4. Apologies

  5. Anything to report since our last meeting

  6. Current financial position

  7. Our support fund

  8. Equipment for group members use

  9. How can we promote the Barefoot Dance and increase the number of participants? (AB)

  10. How's it all going?

  11. Barefoot Zoom sessions (GW)                                               

                            (Our small Barefoot Zoom community loves being part of the larger Barefoot                                           Community, and we would welcome being included in the discussion about the                                      flow of Barefoot into the future.)

12. Potential future structures for organising and managing Barefoot Dance 

  • What happens now

  • Thoughts from people who cannot be here this evening

  • What might work going forward

  • Is there a smaller group who want to take this forward

  • Timescale


Anything else?



Things that need to be put in place to keep barefoot dance going...


  • A new bank account (Karen and Laurence have a joint account for barefoot monies. This is not transferable)

  • A spreadsheet for accounts - the existing template could be used if wanted

  • System for taking money electronically - linked to new bank account

  • New email - the existing one has many confidential messages which will not be passed on.

  • In connection with above a new contacts/mailing list

  • Transferring the running/management of the website

  • Taking responsibility for getting Public Liability insurance

  • Signature on hall rental agreement 

  • Transferring Zoom account

  • Appoint key holder(s) - two people


Weekly Tasks (some of which can be/are delegated)

  • Providing a sense of holding and safety for the evening which is a delicate mix of welcoming and at the same time having clarity around boundaries (eg: consent/touch, no filming/video/photos (unless previously agreed/discussed/consented), no speaking in the dance. 

  • Be approachable so that issues or complaints can be voiced should they arise.

  • Key holder to open up at 7pm

  • Welcome teacher or those doing the music. Support with what they need

  • Set up sound system/lights/admin table/water from the kitchen/chairs/comfy area

  • Set up connection with zoomers (need a laptop and data on phone)

  • Welcome arrivals and take money on the door

  • Attend to any issues as they arise on the night either from within the group or externally

  • Support teacher with sound/tech issues as needed

  • Clear up

  • Key holder to lock up and do check - doors/windows/lights in toilets/heaters/cupboard locked/any lost property


Background things going on

  • Organise the programme of teachers

  • Organise the program of music from barefoot members

  • Book St Matts Hall

  • Pay for hall and car parking termly in advance (around £1,000) 

  • Updating the website weekly

  • Liaison with those providing the barefoot zoom offering and emailing  link to music for zoomers in advance on nights they connect with the hall

  • Keeping up with the accounts

  • Paying in cash each week

  • Responding to emails/queries by email or phone as they arrive

  • Sending out regular information to the group (attaching appropriate additional information to share when requested)

  • Booking and paying for the hall at Gidleigh in advance (currently £840) for the residential each year and organising a team to come together to deliver

  • Collaborating with barefoot members to address issues as they arise.. such as recent issue around consent/touch

  • Managing complaints, setting up mediation input if necessary

  • Consulting with the barefoot community (in community meetings) to discuss  matters around the running of barefoot such as recent setting up of a barefoot fund to support new ventures with members


Maintaining good relationships

  • Keep in with key people in Church, Ed the vicar, Sophie development worker and Helen-Francis, hall bookings officer.


Gidleigh weekend - could be delegated?

  • Booking the hall well in advance (signing hall agreement)

  • Coordinating decision making around facilitation/theme for the weekend 

  • Recruiting an organising group 

  • Setting up and chairing zoom meetings 

  • Taking bookings/payments

  • Organising equipment for the weekend 

  • Purchasing food

  • Coordination of setting up/taking down the hall. 

  • Holding of the weekend

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