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Welcome to dance in the dark ONLINE!

Since November 2015 we've been dancing in the dark at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter. Usually we meet on the first Thursday of the month. Afterwards we meet in the cafe/bar and chat over complementary water.  It was a really cheap night out. We have been online during the Covid 19 pandemic but from September 2020 we've decided we're taking a break!

Watch this space for further information.

It's a moving meditation, it's a workout, it's whatever you want it to be. Join with other folk as you dance around your bedroom/kitchen/ living room. Turn off the lights. We won't see you there - it'll be too dark!

After we will meet in our virtual café/bar - set yourself up with a refreshing glass of water or your favourite tipple. Grab a cocoa if you fancy and chat online with whoever's come along. 

How does this work online?

We will all join a Zoom meeting: 

link click here
Meeting ID: 853 5220 9487

Before the music begins we will have a brief hello and chat about the evening. Then our DnD candle will be extinguished. Turn the lights off at home. The music will play. Dance as you wish in your own place knowing there's no one watching. There will be an hour of great music. Music to move your body to.


Here's a link to our DnD playlists. They're on Spotify. If your internet connection is not that great for Zoom you could play the music independently and know you're connected with the rest of us as you dance/move. 

dnd candle 2.jpg
One light candle burning brightly in the

After the music stops (around 9:15pm) we will light our DnD candle, switch on your lights at home. See and be seen by fellow dancers, if you want to, and have a (virtual) drink with us. 

Chat if you wish until it's time to go home ... luckily you're already there! 

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