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A note about food to share

This time we are asking that all food is ready to eat when you bring it. That is, it will not need preparation or heating up.

This is to ensure we do not spend too much time on these things

East Budleigh Village Hall

East Budleigh
Budleigh Salterton
​EX9 7DU

directions can be found from the hall's website - please click here

Barefoot Community Day 

'Gathering in Circle'

Saturday 1st October 2022

At East Budleigh Village Hall


Arrive 9:30am for coffee/tea

Morning session 10am to 1pm 

Bring and share lunch 1pm to 3pm

Afternoon session 3pm to 5:30pm

Bring and share supper 5:30pm to 7:30pm 

Evening Community Wave 7:30pm to 9:30pm

(Opening circle at 7:45pm, wave 8 - 9:15pm)

Closing circle 9:15pm to 9:30pm

Morning Session:

facilitated by Louise, Laurence and Cathy

Louise is offering a still and quiet space as we start our day together so that we can each connect with the place within where our dance and movement originate. We will journey on the inner planes to meet our 'inner dancer' and any other guides, helpers and animal allies who motivate and support our dance and movement practice. The journey can be in stillness or through movement and there will be a short time for sharing our experiences if we wish before moving into the rest of our day.

Laurence is sharing his experiences of the dance of awareness. The cycle of sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing is based on the 5 rhythms, psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology. The phases of the cycle follow themes of human development from pre-birth through to around 5 years old. Through a series of exercises and free dance each mover will have the opportunity to re-experience some of the formative years of early development, explore old imprints and discover new patterns of moving and relating. 

With our safe guidance and awareness both in place, we will progress onto a playful set of quirky tunes from Cathy with the invitation to explore your inner child, or inner clown if you prefer, to connect with others in the room in the spirit of fun and exploration.  

Every track has the potential to be a "track 4"...or not, as you choose.

At the end of the morning there will be time to transition, to complete the morning in a mindful way with the 3 facilitators before breaking for lunch. 

Afternoon Session:

facilitated by Clare and Madeleen


October, the month of pumpkins, rusty orange, falling leaves, the time when the ancestors draw in close around us like a warm cloak. What will they whisper to you this year? How can they help you to become more whole, more fully an expression of who you really are?


Clare will tell an ancient Celtic story from Ireland about a fairy woman who is turned into a mortal. Yet in her mortal form she always remembers something of her fairy origins. She is never satisfied by this mortal world. Nothing is ever good enough, something is always missing. Until, just before Samhain, she steps through a Yew tree doorway....


Following the story there will be an invitation to explore some of the archetypes in the story through movement. Madeleen will then follow and weave with the story into her workshop


Madeleen presents Viewpoints - introduction to an improvisation method designed for groups to move and dance in more coherence with each other. It's a beautiful practice to combine listening to others and initiate movement yourself, to work with structure and with flow. We'll explore viewpoints like 'tempo' and 'spatial relationship' that provide collective anchors to play with.

Barefoot Dance Evening 

Music provided by the community and put together by Karen



Sessions in the day need to be booked in advance (by Wednesday the 28th September) by speaking to Karen at barefoot or emailing her at 

Cost £5 per session (£10 for day)

The Community Wave in the evening is a drop in session so no need to book - £5

(£15 for the day and evening)

(We don't want finances to be a barrier to you attending, so ask about concessions if needed). 

If you need a lift or would like to offer a lift please let Karen know

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