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We love to dance in a respectful, safe space, with like-minded people. You are welcome to join us and experience:

- joy - stress release - acceptance - relaxation - exhilaration

- the peace of a quiet mind

No steps to learn. No teaching. Freedom to move to music in your own, unique dance, embracing your individuality and creativity. A chance to relax and revitalise. A way to both workout and meditate together.

There are many forms of moving meditation through dance and music in various worldwide spiritual traditions. We have taken inspiration from Barefoot Dance Exeter, from Biodanza, from 5 Rhythms, and from other spiritual dance traditions. So, if you enjoy moving to music in your own way, we invite you to come and dance with us.

Please wear comfortable clothing, & suitable footwear, (or barefoot if you choose) and bring water to drink

We ask that people don’t talk during the dancing

Our playlists include:- world music, pop/rock, reggae, folk, indie, and much more .....

Just dance! Tavistock

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Session date: check latest information

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Time: 7.45pm to 9.30pm

Venue: St Eustachius Parish Centre,

5 Plymouth Road,

Tavistock PL19 8AU

(opposite St Eustachius Church and

next to The Bedford Hotel)

Cost: Donation £3 to £5 (to cover hire costs)

On Facebook: Just Dance! Tavistock

Parking – none at venue, but plenty in on-street or public car parks – mostly free after 6pm

contact through Facebook

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