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Growing Resilient Communities :


In a time of growing climate anxiety, right wing hatred and young peoples’ decline in mental health, what skills do we need to equip our communities with, in order to build resilience and remain co-creatively adaptive to exploring solutions together? What would feeling well, reconciliation, healing, look like together as a community?

This project is seeking to bring together people of different generational & heritage backgrounds to come together, have contact, connection & care on a deeper level together.

The project seeks to weave the threads of disconnection into connection, challenging issues of isolation, disempowerment & collective global citizenship through providing a safe contained space to explore and be nourished in.

Beneficiaries will learn together, Shiatsu Bodywork , Meditation and verbal Inquiry. They will be guided to engage their body-heart-mind spirit as a resource for themselves to stay well. They will learn to give and receive Shiatsu Body work massage (fully clothed) to each other. Be introduced to meditation practice in 3 forms and explore the wonder of being human, right now, through verbal Inquiry.

The heritage traditions of these practices will be celebrated (challenging the extractive colonial narrative) and participants own well-being heritage traditions shared, allowing full inclusion & collection of a resource of diverse local diaspora wisdom traditions. 

A safe brave sharing space will also be created to speak about concerns & anxieties they are facing both individually and as a community.

Beneficiaries will then organize an event where they connect with each other and share out their learning with the wider community.

Skills learnt will remain for life, to practice inner well-being into potential outer well-being action.

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