Moving Together


Karen Dudley


Individual and small group sessions for children with a skilled Dance Movement Psychotherapist (qualification pending Sept 2017) with extensive experience in various movement and bodywork practices

Karen Dudley

Accreditation and qualifications:

Masters in

Dance Movement Psychotherapy

BPhil Social Work.

HCPC accredited as a social worker

Member of Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK

(student membership)

Foundation Year Family Therapy

I adhere to the ADMP Code of professional practice.

I receive regular clinical supervision from a Dance Movement Psychotherapist who has extensive experience working with children.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I may be able to work in your school:

Karen Dudley …

Tel: 07527 620679


Dance Movement Psychotherapy with children has been found to be effective in:

  • developing skills in social interaction

  • building resilience

  • building emotion regulation skills

  • building self-esteem

  • increasing self-awareness

  • building confidence in creative self-  expression

  • reducing anxiety

  • enhancing mood

My experience:

I have recently trained as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and will qualify in September 2017. I work in the NHS as a mental health social worker and have over 20 years’ experience in this role. In addition, I have been involved with various dance and movement practices for over 17 years.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy offers:

  • A welcoming, contained safe space for self-expression.

  • The building of a safe, therapeutic relationship.

  • Other ways to communicate through non-verbal expression, when words may be difficult to find.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy with children…

… creates a safe, holding space for children to communicate and express themselves creatively through verbal and nonverbal expression. Dance Movement Psychotherapy uses rhythm, play, props and music to facilitate whole body movement expression. Moving together enables attunement and supports children to feel seen and heard. It can be particularly useful where communication is hindered by behavioural or cognitive difficulties.

My work:

I work collaboratively with children from a person centred perspective. There is no requirement for children to have previous experience or interest in dance. I work closely with parents, carers and teachers.

What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy?

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a creative and relational process that uses improvised movement and dance to support the integration of emotional, cognitive, physical and social aspects of self

Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions can take place in 1:1 sessions or in small groups